Friday, 12 March 2010

Fat Kid Rules the World

'Fat Kid Rules The World' is an impressive teenage novel by K.L.Going.

It begins with a hugely overweight teenager standing on the edge of the train station platform, contemplating.

Will he jump or won't he?

Would people laugh?

Would anyone miss him?

As he contemplates he hears a voice which distracts him and possibly saves his life. The voice comes from a ferrety blonde kid, who overweight Troy discovers is the legendary Curt McCrae. Curt is known to be a genius guitar player/sometimes student/dropout/punk rock artist god.

Troy can't believe his ears when Curt asks him to be a drummer in his band.

An unlikely friendship develops between them.

But Troy is plagued by insecurities and depression.

And Curt-well Curt is elusive and unpredictable.



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