Thursday, 11 March 2010


Bianca wants to escape.
Enrolled into the Gothic and eerie boarding school 'Evernight', Bianca knows she doesn't fit in with the all-too-perfect students that surround her. In attempt to flee Bianca finds herself in the presence of Lucas Ross a boy who is most certainly NOT 'Evernight' material, just like her. Lucas ignores the rules, stands up to the 'popular' kids and warns Bianca to be careful about caring for him. But the attraction is undeniable even though they try soon enough the power of first love consumes them. However both have their secrets that just may tear them apart.
One could be forgiven for thinking that Evernight is jumping on the Twilight bandwagon, with the vampire, ill-fated love story. But you couldn't be further from the truth. Having read both Twilight and Evernight I can assure you that's where the similarities end. I'm not sure what it is about Evernight but Claudia Gray's intriguing world clicks together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The characters, the storyline; which will continue to shock you till the very end, and the writing were perfect.
Without spoiling too much of the storyline, you will be intrigued, after all you spend the first half of the book wondering who'se the vampire? Lucas or Bianca? It's a WOW moment when the truth is revealed. I found myself re-reading many paragraphs going 'WHAT!' unable to believe the twists and turns the story had taken. Gray avoids the obvious vampire cliches and mixes traditional folk lore with the more modern day beliefs.
The romance between Bianca and Lucas is very believable with moments of raw passion before switching to the sweet and adorable. It's a relationship that has you asking 'Why can't that be me?" To sum it up would be to say that love is found, trust is lost, hearts are broken and secrets are revealed.
To be honest the story blew me away. Nothing is predictable in this story.The ending leaves one hanging out for more. But fear not the follow up Stargazer is already out as well as is the third book in the series Hourglass.
Have a read and become addicted with me :)



Anonymous said...

I was also blown away by the twists and turns that the story takes. Thank-you for your review,Stargazer is next on my list of reads. Michelle N

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