Friday, 26 February 2010

FIEND - Australia's ultimate dark alternative magazine.

Fiend is a new subscription to our extensive
magazine collection and is held at the Pakenham

Fiend highlights different topics such as Steam Punk (issue 18) or Vamps (issue19). Each issue has great regular fashion and music news, event pics, and book, music and gig reviews.

Issue 19 has brilliant interviews with Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse which the HBO TV series True Blood is based.

Also articles on the enigmatic Marilyn Manson and Melbourne band Voletra and USA's Hanzel und Gretyl, aka HuG.

The photography is excellent and the layouts are very eye catching.

A very interesting alternative magazine for the
'dark side' in everyone.

julie @ pakenham.

Monday, 22 February 2010


This week I have been tuning in to the Winter Olympics at Vancouver, especially the snowboard cross. What an awesome sport! Its fast and dangerous and nearly every race has a spectacular crash. Snowboard cross courses are quite narrow and includes cambered turns, gap jumps, berms, drops, and steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders' ability to stay in control.
Check out the Youtube clip, its awesome.

Then Tora Bright won Gold in the half pipe.
She overcame four Americans, three concussions, a dislocated jaw and a failed first run to become Australia’s first Winter Olympic gold medallist in 2010.

There's heaps of books in the Library that teach you all about snow sports. Check out Snowboarding by Clive Gifford. It teaches you how to snowboard like a professional! Filled with everything you need to know from equipment, techniques, simple tricks and info on some famous snowboarders you'll be ready to hit the slopes in Winter!

Sandra and Cen

Creature of the Night

'Creature of the Night' was the winner of both the Whitbread Children's Book Award as well as the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

It is a gritty novel, written by Kate Thompson.

Set in Ireland, Bobby's mother moves the family to the countryside in an attempt to escape their many problems.

Right from the start Bobby makes his negative views known. His thoughts remain firmly on returning to Dublin and the street life he knows so well.

Bobby is no angel. Crime has been a way of life for him for years. For Bobby and his mates, a good night out consists of drugs, crime, alcohol and joyriding in stolen cars.

So how will he cope with all the fresh air and wholesome living in a rural environment?

His mother, too, has ongoing financial problems, borrowing money from one person to the next in a futile effort to get by from week to week.

However, a glimmer of hope appears when Bobby gets to know the family up the road and begins to understand farm and mechanical labour.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Garth Nix in town!

Last minutes thing, only saw it myself today.

Garth Nix, awesome young adult fantasy author of the Keys to Kingdom series and more, will be at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, THIS SATURDAY!!!!

If you are a fan, then you can't miss this opportunity to meet the author in person and possibly get his autograph.

He will be appearing at:
Angus and Robertson - Level 2 (near Coles)
Saturday 20th February
from 3.30pm.

Don't miss it!


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Plague of the Undead

Want a good read, hordes of vampires, vampire hunters and some history thrown in? Then this is the book for you.

Plague of the Undead by Gary Cross is the first book in the Chronicles of Blood.
It begins in 1650 in Northern Italy when Lucius’s father returns as a vampire and kills his entire family. Lucius is spared, becomes a vampire hunter and spurred on by revenge begins the hunt for the master vampire.
His journey takes him through Paris and Europe until he arrives in London, ridden by the plague and now vampires. Lucius and his small band of vampire hunters battle against the master vampire and his horde of thousands, aided by the Great Fire of London which destroys most of London. Vampires included.
Unfortunately the master vampire escapes but Lucius and his new ally Peter vow to hunt him down. Even if it means traveling to the New World.

A good read and leaves me eager for the next book in the series.
Vicki @ Pakenham Library

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