Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Twilight at the End of the Tunnel

New Moon was the "twilight at the end of the tunnel" for me due to it opening the day after I finished my year twelve exams. It was something I eagerly awaited...though possibly for the wrong reasons. See, I went to mock. My expectations were very low and went in expecting it to be a comedy (although it's meant to be drama). All this had arisen from the first movie and my revelation that really, Twilight, is trash.

So, a new director, a bigger budget, a buffer Taylor Lautner and a lot of expectations from squealing tweenies. Did it make a difference? Yes it definately did. The direction was fantastic compared to Catherine Hardwicke's attempts and I particularly loved the chase scene between Victoria and wolves with Death Cab playing in the background. Consequently, the acting improved considerably although perhaps this had to do with the fact that Robert Pattinson wasn't in most of it. Kristen Stewart pretty much carried the movie herself with some assistance from Taylor Lautner and she did not do too bad of a job. And that 30 pounds of extra muscle on Taylor had (much to my disgust) girls screaming and gasping in the cinema.

It stayed fairly close to the book, with minor changes; one I didn't like was Bella actually getting on the bike with the bikies on her 'shopping' spree with Jessica. But ultimately the moral of the story remains in tact; that you can only get over a guy with another guy (pardon my cynicism) comes across strong. The special effects aren't too shabby either, the wolf transformation are quite impressive.

All in all, the cast and crew have done pretty well with the characters, storyline and script that they're dealing with and quite frankly, even if it was awful, the tweenies would be satisfied. Not as many mockable moments as anticipated (though there were still a few; Alice's premonition at the end anyone??) but a fair good effort.

I enjoyed it, despite my heavy criticisms but that's because it's Twilight and I can accept it as trash and not a great literary or filmic work. Besides, we all need trash every now and then to indulge in.

New Moon: I'd give it maybe 3 out of 5. Fans will be pleased. And perhaps the funniest moment was looking at all the 'I kissed a vampire and I liked it' and 'Team Jacob' 'Team Edward' t shirts as we entered and left the cinema. Priceless.

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Thanks for your review Bec. I took the liberty of editing a word but the context is still there. All you New Moon lovers feel free to comment and give your opinion!!! Cen


Rafah said...

I'm not a hardcore Twilight fan but I do love the series. Admittedly yes it's not a piece of literary genius, but I think it's a little harsh calling it trash. But that's just my opinion.

I did go to see New Moon with low expectations but I think the new director has done a fantastic job. Yes, Alice's premonition was laughable but all in all I was quite impressed and like you said they kept very close to the book, which I was really happy about. And I don't know if it was me getting used to her, or Kristen herself, but she did seem to improve a bit. Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

Bec said...

Okay, maybe trash was a bit harsh, seeing as I do own all the books and enjoyed the movie. Nevertheless, the fact that Stephenie Meyer first took the draft to Mills and Boon, and it was rejected, always stays in my mind.

But I did like it.

Kate! said...

The moral of the whole twilight thing is don't date guys who watch you sleep and want to kill you. it wont work out. no matter how amazing his hair is. That and VAMPIRES SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER SPARKLE!

Rafah said...

Hahaha agreed Kate!

And Bec, I can understand where you're coming from if Meyer did take the draft to Mills and Boon, but where did you hear that? I know Twilight has been compared to a kind of Mills and Boon novel. But anyway, I think a lot of people secretly like it :D

Bec said...

Meyer admitted it herself! It was on her website somewhere. And I totally agree, it has become somewhat of a secret obsession (I know lots of guys who have read it). I must give it some credit, it has sparked a whole new love of reading into some people. Kate, I agree with your genius right there...where are the fangs? I prefer Stefan and Damon from Vampire Diaries quite frankly or Bill from True Blood...'real' vampires.

kate said...

Mmmm.... Damon... and totally Mick St John from moonlight. Even Braad Pitt and dare I say it... Tom Cruise ( i think i was a little bit sick just then) could make a vampire proud. Which brings me to another point: Edward may not jump on couches and has way better hair, but he and tom have some interesting similarities. ... think about it. katie/bella? renesme(?)/suri? Scientology/vegetarian sparkling vampires?
you see where im going?

Bec said...

haha you have a point kate. and don't even get me started on the whole renesme thing, did anyone else think that it just turned weird in the fourth if she had no more ideas and then thought, hey creepy half vamp-half human child with pedophile werewolf lover...exactely the way this should end. be interesting to see how they film that...

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