Monday, 28 December 2009

The Poison Throne

The Poison Throne is the first book in the Moorehawke Trilogy by Celine Kiernan. The story follows a talented fifteen year-old female apprentice, Wynter Moorehawke and her friends, Razi, the King's illegitimate son, and his wild, tomcat friend Christopher.

After five years of exile, Wynter and her father return to the Kingdom to find it changed from the peaceful place they once knew where ghosts roamed freely with the living and talkative cats were respected. But King Jonathon has changed, people are forbidden from talking to ghosts and cats and the heir to the throne has disappeared. A battle is underway, with the mysterious weapon, the "Blood Machine" at its centre.

This is a great read for sci-fi lovers. It has the perfect combination of suspense, romance, political intrigue and adventure all while taking you into another world. Kiernan is a fantastic writer and is particularly good at keeping the reader in suspense; I was glued to the book. My only disappointment was that Wynter never gets to display her talents in this book but Book 2 sounds promising!


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