Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Paper Bead Art

Crafting beads for jewellery from paper has been around since the Victorian era but it was a first for us at Hampton Park library.

Young adults gathered with staff as a pre Christmas activity to learn about the method of making these elegant and unique pieces of art. Who would have thought it was so easy.

Once shown the basics, they proceeded to put their own imaginative and creative touches to the task and left with plenty of ideas to try at home.

As you can use left over paper including gift wrapping, magazine and newspapers, it’s not only an eco friendly activity but involves using materials easily found around the home.

The process is quite simple. Triangles are ruled, cut out of coloured paper and rolled onto a bamboo skewer using a glue stick to adhere. Different shaped beads are achieved by using triangles of different lengths and widths. Leaving each bead on the skewer as you go, they are then sprayed with a gloss varnish. When dry they can be threaded onto elastic or leather to create a necklace, earrings or bracelet. Our group also used other beads provided from old necklaces to separate the paper beads and add to the look of their creations. It was amazing that something so simple could be so effective and the group were very pleased with the results.

Kim and Moira @ Hampton Park Library


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