Saturday, 7 November 2009

Killing God

Hey guys!
Once again it's been ages since I've posted, but hopefully this book review was worth the wait.

Killing God is an interesting young adult novel written by Kevin Brooks. Dawn Bundy, the main character, is a conflicted fifteen year old, who tells this story with the help of song lyrics from her favourite band, The Jesus and Mary Chain. She listens to them on her iPod every day, and has even named her two daschunds after them; Jesus and Mary.
She lives with her mother, has little in the way of friends, apart from Jesus and Mary, and she has clearly had a rough time in the moments before the start of the book.
Dawn starts to question everything she once knew when Mel and Taylor, the two 'IT' girls at her school start talking to her, and she starts to notice that she's not who she once thought she was.

Killing God draws to a massive climax in the final chapters, and I'd highly recommend it, as it takes you deep into Dawn's mind, and the story unravels bit by bit in a fantastically suspenseful way.

Hope you enjoy it!
Catch ya round :]


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