Monday, 23 November 2009

Get Lost in Austen

Lost in Austen is a must-see for any Jane Austen fan that has fantasised about living in the world of Pride and Prejudice and being swooned by Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Lost in Austen is a playful and witty twist of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Its protagonist is Amanda Price, played by Jemima Rooper, a modern day girl dissatisfied with her life but who always finds solace in reading Pride and Prejudice. But one night, Amanda discovers a magical doorway linking our modern world to Austen’s when Elizabeth Bennett appears in her bathroom. The girls end up swapping places but Amanda’s presence in Longbourn sets off a series of disasters, altering the events of Pride and Prejudice. Without Elizabeth, Amanda finds herself struggling to restore the balance, especially under the critical attention and smoldering stares of Mr. Darcy, played to perfection by Elliot Cowan.

I'm not usually a fan of deviations to Pride and Prejudice, but I absolutely loved Lost in Austen. All of the actors did a fantastic job of being faithful to their characters while the disastrous events revealed more depth and fascinating twists to the characters. The combination of romance, comedy and period drama is well-balanced and you can't help but empathise with Amanda's struggles. Highly recommended! Here's a short preview below:



Ingrid said...

Loved this series and yet I have no knowledge of Jane Austen stories at all! However I have always particularly enjoyed time travel stories.

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