Monday, 16 November 2009

Fill out this application and wait over there

Fill out this application and wait over there is fun, light reading by Ruth Starke. Be warned, however, it may put you off a career in a supermarket!

Teenage Hailee wants to escape her boring suburban existence and travel to Asia. One problem - she has only $129.65 in her account. Hailee needs a job.

What continues is a humourous romp as she fills in job applications listing her mother and best friend as referees, and supplies a photo of herself in a hockey uniform to show that she is a 'team player'.

Surprisingly, Hailee is successful. So begins Hailee's career as a check-out chick.

Her first day is memorable. Her hands are bright orange after a late-night episode applying fake tan to her legs. She wears her new strappy Mollini shoes (which no one can see anyway) but before long her feet begin to ache, and she has to invest in a pair of sensible, supportive black shoes. The customers are irritating and the boys in the meat department ogle her.

How will she last?

An enjoyable novel to read as we head into summer.



Anonymous said...

love this book! it was hilarious :)

and i was wondering if the library had One Tree Hill Season 6 on its catalogue yet??


Cenza said...

Hi Natalie,

One Tree Hill Season 6 isn't available in Australia via our supplier yet. We will get it as soon as it comes out so keep an eye on the catalogue.

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