Monday, 19 October 2009

The Arrival

This review in from Riannon - enjoy!

The arrival by Shaun Tan

This is an amazing picture book that shows the journey of a migrant who travels to a strange land to settle and to help his family to migrate. The pictures are done like a story board or an old sepia photo album and are drawn with pencil. In true Shaun Tan style the detail in each drawing is incredible. The beauty of this story is that it could be the tale of any migrant, who has journeyed to any strange land, as both the front and back covers show the many faces that make up 'the migrant.' It makes you consider what people are escaping from and how hard the culture shock can be. Heart wrenching, poignant and cannot be fully described in words.

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Thanks Riannon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Riannon,

I so agree with you about this book. I think it is brilliant and the more you look at the illustrations the more you see!

Keep up the reviews.
Cheers julie @ pakenham

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