Thursday, 22 October 2009

Have you got the vibe?

At a loss for titles to read post Twilight, I read a blurb about Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan in a mag and thought it was worth a read, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Kristi is not altogether your normal teen. She attends an alternative school called Journeys, makes her clothes from materials she finds in various places and is psychic. Reading minds comes with its good and bad points. You always know what people think of you and the coolest, most gorgeous guy in school thinks sick every time he see’s you.

With her father saving Africans from Typhoid, her cat hidden in her bedroom, a mother she can’t stand and her best friend imagining her ginormous boobs in various stats of undress, the last thing Kristi needs is a tortuous assignment with the guy who thinks she’s sick. Or is it?



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