Monday, 26 October 2009

Quicksand wins Marketing Award!

At the recent LibMark "Digital Marketing and Libraries" seminar, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation received an Award for Marketing and Promotion for our Quicksand blog.
The award was given to Quicksand for being an "Outstanding Library Campaign and Promotion". The award comprises the certificate and a cash prize which is to be used for library marketing purposes.
Congratulations to the Quicksand team and to our many blog readers and contributors who made winning this award possible.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Have you got the vibe?

At a loss for titles to read post Twilight, I read a blurb about Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan in a mag and thought it was worth a read, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Kristi is not altogether your normal teen. She attends an alternative school called Journeys, makes her clothes from materials she finds in various places and is psychic. Reading minds comes with its good and bad points. You always know what people think of you and the coolest, most gorgeous guy in school thinks sick every time he see’s you.

With her father saving Africans from Typhoid, her cat hidden in her bedroom, a mother she can’t stand and her best friend imagining her ginormous boobs in various stats of undress, the last thing Kristi needs is a tortuous assignment with the guy who thinks she’s sick. Or is it?


Monday, 19 October 2009

The Arrival

This review in from Riannon - enjoy!

The arrival by Shaun Tan

This is an amazing picture book that shows the journey of a migrant who travels to a strange land to settle and to help his family to migrate. The pictures are done like a story board or an old sepia photo album and are drawn with pencil. In true Shaun Tan style the detail in each drawing is incredible. The beauty of this story is that it could be the tale of any migrant, who has journeyed to any strange land, as both the front and back covers show the many faces that make up 'the migrant.' It makes you consider what people are escaping from and how hard the culture shock can be. Heart wrenching, poignant and cannot be fully described in words.

You might like this if you also like...: Shaun Tan - The Lost Thing - The Red Tree and John Marsden - The Rabbits

Thanks Riannon!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cathy:Her own story

Shehani, who won a double pass to the movie Mao's Last Dancer in our recent competition, wrote how she is inspired by athlete Cathy Freeman.
You too can read the stirring autobiography, Cathy:Her own story
Simply click on the title (above) to reserve your copy now! Or next time you're in, cruise the shelves in our Biographies section for other inspirational stories.
Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to all 5 winners.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Maurice Gee is a well-known teenage fiction writer from New Zealand. One of his most recent novels is 'Salt'. 'Salt' is the first book in a trilogy, and is the winner of the NZ Post Book Award for young adult fiction.

A fantasy adventure that hooks you from page one, 'Salt' tells of a world where the 'Company' are brutal rulers.

People are forced to live underground in burrows, and it is from here the elderly Tarl is kidnapped by company officials to work in Deep Salt. No one returns from Deep Salt and he is not expected to be seen again.

However, his tough and fearless son, Hari, has other ideas.

Hari has an unusual gift that enables him to communicate with other creatures. This can be of assistance, or can equally lead him into more danger.

After Hari's initial unsuccessful efforts to free his father, he escapes in to the wilderness and meets two females who are also fleeing.

All three are suspicious of one another but they are more afraid of the 'Company' who are following them.

If you enjoy 'Salt' stay tuned for the next book in the series, 'Gool'.

Friday, 2 October 2009


In conjunction with Roadshow Films, Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation [CCLC] is offering FIVE DOUBLE PASSES to the screening of the outstanding film adaptation of Li Cunxin's bestselling autobiography, Mao's Last Dancer.
Simply borrow any biography from your local CCLC Library,
tell us which one you borrowed and in 25 words or less, let us know WHO INSPIRES YOU. Download your entry form HERE:
Hurry, competition closes Thursday October 8, 2009.
Drop your entry into your local CCLC Library and you could be one of five winners. Good Luck!

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