Monday, 28 September 2009

For fantasy lovers

The Shadow Queen
By Anne Bishop

When you reluctantly close the cover, knowing that’s the end, but wanting and needing to know more about the lives of the characters, you know it was a good read.

I feel lonely now that I have finished Cassidy’s story, like I have lost a good friend. The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop takes place approximately two years after the end of The Black Jewels trilogy.

Dena Nehele is desperate for a Queen; a strong, beautiful, charasmatic queen. But the only ones left after the rule of Dorothea and the great cleansing of the blood, are too old or young for the job.

Theran, last of the Grayhaven line, calls in a favour. One that he hopes will result in a Queen for the land and not his death. You can't be at all certain when the person you are asking is Daemon Sadi, brother of Lucivar and son of Saetan, High Lord of Hell.

Cassidy is the queen they get, rejected by her own first circle and not conventaionally beautiful. Theran is sorely dissappointed, but too afraid and desperate to refuse. Can he hide his bitterness enough to support her…..

The story explores themes of self-discovery & awareness, honour, love, and just for good measure includes a hunt for hidden treasure.

It is not necessary to have read the Black Jewels Trilogy previously, but it does help.
Rating MA15+



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