Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Siggy and Amber

Fergus and his friend Siggy have a strange hobby-browsing for kitchen products on Amazon. An intriguing sidebar captures their attention-'Stuff the Queen.' But when Fergus clicks on it, he discovers the full sentence-'Stuff the Queen would love to own,' listing pots, pans and utensils. The boys are impressed, and bookmark a hollow handle pie-server.

Siggy and Gergus are slightly nerdish fourteen year olds who lurch through summer determined to find girlfriends and improve their lives. Things are off to a good start when Siggy meets Amber. However, they soon take a turn for the worse when Siggy drinks too much, vomiting on Amber's shoe.

The accent of Fergus' Scottish father is also hilariously conveyed-'Yooooo and Ferrrrrrrrrgus beheft lak a pairrr o' stewwwwwpt idjits las' neet.'

This is a great novel written by Australian author, Doug MacLeod. It is filled with bright and funny conversations.

Recommended reading for teenagers.



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