Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I recently went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But first, I have a confession to make: I have not read the Harry Potter books. Once you've recovered from your initial shock I hope that you might continue to read my review.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince begins with Harry's return to Hogwarts after facing a terrifying experience with Voldemort in the previous movie. Upon his return to school, Harry discovers a potions book that belongs to the mysterious "Half-Blood Prince" and also takes up a quest with Dumbledore to delve deeper in Voldemort's past to uncover a secret that could defeat Voldemort.

While my Harry Potter friends (who haven't completely shunned me) always tell me about how much the movies leave out, this definitely seemed to be the case with this movie. While the movie began on an exciting high, I felt that the story lacked coherence. I also didn't enjoy how it failed to address how and why the Death Eaters had entered the Muggles world. Still, the movie was somewhat enjoyable, if a little jumbled, with rollercoaster romances and Ron always managing to bring some comic relief to the sombre movie.

However perhaps some of you Harry Potter readers found the movie more enjoyable than myself? I'd like to know what you guys think.




Bec said...

I've read the books, religiously, and liked to movie but I think that's because I wasn't excepting any great, fantastic translation from book to screen like the Lord of the Rings were. If you look at the track record of Potter films they're all pretty crap really; they don't stick to the books that much, Emma Watson's acting is appalling and the constant change of director meant that there was no fluency to the films in terms of simple but significant things like setting (I'm thinking the third one which really changed the castle and grounds majorly).

Having said all that they are enjoyable as I don't expect a lot. I think that this one was definitively better directed and acted in but at times it dragged on, which is also does in the book.

Really, the first 4 books are action books where there's a resolution in the end, the 5 and 6 are even most of 7 are just leading up to the final battle.

Which of course you wouldn't know Rafah so I see your point concerning coherence.

That's probably enough procrasination from apparently important year 12 work for now.


Rafah said...

Haha well I really enjoyed the earlier movies, I think I liked the first one best. Although do you really find Emma's acting appalling? Is she very different from her character in the book? Because I think she's rather good at being an occasionally annoying know-it-all girl.

It could be as you mentioned, that since there was no definite conclusion or resolution of some sort, that it was a bit confusing. But I didn't know what to expect either, so maybe if you do, you're not so disappointed, or lost.

Hope you managed to get some homework done :P


Anonymous said...

hey, i was just wondering if the movie "Ten Inch Hero" is in the library catalogue. I've watched the trailer and its awesome :)


Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

Hi Alice,

you are a girl after my own daughters heart. Kate has seen it as it is available through DVD rental. We have tried to get it through JB and is isn't available retail yet. Kate is a huge fan of Jensen Ackles so enjoyed it. Just remember it is rated MA...but Jensen does wear a kilt.
thanks for your comment.

Kate said...

Yeh! Ten Inch Hero FTW! Jensen in a kilt with a mowhawk, body ink and piercings!!! >__< hottest skin head EVER!
but yeh. quite a bit of sex and nudity. not loads. but its there. adult themes! ZOMG! But still a great movie!

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