Monday, 6 July 2009

Community Service at Cranbourne Library

A busy week at Cranbourne Library for Community Service student Kate who offers this day-by-day description of her time helping out at the Library...

Day 1:
I started off putting magazines on shelves and then put books on shelves. I weeded (got rid of the bad ones) books and withdrew them. I then helped find Storytime activities.
Day 2:
Shelved books. Then helped pick out books and nursery rhymes for Tinies' Time (for babies and small toddlers). In the afternoon I read a story called The Most Perfect Spot, in the picnic-themed Storytime (for ages about 3-6).
In the afternoon I went down to Casey Fields for the launch of the Read Like a Demon literacy program that the library was doing with the Melbourne Football Club. Since I was there on community service I was asked to help out and do the football club a favor, by dressing up as Ronald Deeman, the Melbourne mascot for them…. Yes, I spent my Tuesday afternoon in a demon costume….if only the Winchester boys had been there.
I met Felice Arena (author of Specky McGee) and two Melbourne players whom I didn’t technically meet - Stefan Martin and Lynden Dunn.
Day 3:
Boxed books. Shelved books. I spent all afternoon making a display for the school holiday program's, Shaggles Magic Circus World (now sitting in the Cranbourne library foyer). It’s very colourful, you’ve been warned.
Day 4:
Shelved. Got asked where things were. Finished display (I drew a clown with googly eyes and pompom buttons and an elephant). Weeded some more. Junior Fiction section this time though. Alphabetized some magazines with the intent of shelving them but got called to come to Doveton library where I am now sitting writing this….

I’m tired now, and am 10 minutes away from having completed 32 and ½ hours of community service. Don’t worry, this community service isn’t in lieu of jail, who am I?! Chris Brown?! Nope. It’s for school.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Kate.
aged 15


Michelle McLean said...

Thanks for that insight Kate, it was interesting to read. You write well!

Anonymous said...

kate, you're cool.

Kate said...

aww shucks! now you've got me all flattered... >_<
now if only we could convince my sisters of that too.....

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