Thursday, 23 July 2009


I had never heard of Christine Hinwood until now, but after reading her debut novel, 'Bloodflower' I hope to hear and read much more from and about her!

'Bloodflower' is set in a medieval-type society. In the opening pages a family are on a snail hunt. Pin's two brothers face each other, nose to nose, daring each other to eat a snail. Chomp!

But the central character within the story is Cam, Pin's older brother. Cam has just returned from the war where the Downlanders are fighting the people of the north (the Uplanders).

Cam is the only one to return home from his village, and suspicion follows him, especially when he rides an Uplander horse and seems conflicted in his allegiances.

Nothing is black and white and Cam is a complex personality. He finds it hard to fit back into village and country life. Although he is betrothed to a village girl this betrothal is revoked by her father and Cam chooses his own path - a path that is difficult and unexpected.

Great characterisation, action and plot.

Highly recommended!


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