Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Veronica Mars - DVD rated M. Seasons 1, 2, & 3.

Move over Nancy Drew here comes Veronica Mars.
Set in the town of Neptune at the local high school, Veronica is a nosey, no-holds-barred, but likeable teenage super-sleuth. It does help that her Dad was previously the town sherriff and now has a P.I. business.

This American TV series has all the drama, scandal and 'hotties' of a decent American soap.

Another great DVD feast (6 disks per season) or if you are laid up with the flu.

julie @ pakenham library.


Rafah said...

Wow, good to hear we've got the DVD set! I was a big fan of Veronica Mars when it first came on tv, although I kept missing some episodes.

I can finally watch all the episodes now :D


Anonymous said...

I've put it on hold xD
I was also, wondering about One Tree Hill, I've watched seasons 1,2,3 and 4 but the library doesnt seem to have season 5 yet?
Just wanted to know if itll be available soon??

Michelle McLean said...


We don't have it yet, but we can order it in from one of the other libraries in our catalogue. Just change the search from library: Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation to ALL and you'll see it there.


Anonymous said...

Oh , okay, thankyou :)


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