Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Moon Official Trailer

Twilight fans check out the exclusive New Moon trailer and let us know what you think! I'm already super psyched about it! Although I do have one qualm and that is I expected the wolves to be larger and scarier, but overall I'm pretty impressed.

Oh and a warning about the video: after watching the trailer some of you might be converted to Team Jacob, like some of my friends.

Go Team Edward!



Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm sold on either one yet....

Let the games begin!
Does look like an ace movie though!

Bec said...

I'm totally pumped for this though was majorly not impressed that the fight scene in Twilight beat the fight scene in Pineapple Express at the MTV Awards. My consolation is that is was only the MTV Awards...

I'm with Team Edward, Jacob is only 16, he's like the little annoying brother.


Rafah said...


Actually, he was alright in New Moon. Although he did have many annoying moments in the following books.


Anonymous said...

hehe ive totally converted
at first when i read twilight i was Team Edward, but now its Taylor Lautner all the way!! He's 17, closer to my age, lol and he's dazzling =D

I agree about the wolves, i was kinda disappointed with the way they look on the movie


Rafah said...

Hey Deshani!
I can't believe you're on Team Jacob!
Oh well, more Edward for me :D


Anonymous said...

Team Jacob all the way! :D

I don't understand why everybody makes such a fuss about Edward, he isn't even that cute! :O

Yes, the size of the wolves in the New Moon trailer was somewhat disappointing, but still looks like one damn good movie!

Btw, I think I know you Deshani. :P


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