Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Boat that Rocked

The Boat that Rocked, Movie soundtrack, like the movie, takes you back to the swinging 60’s. It completely comprises of artists’ from the 60’s and way back when, with the exception of Duffy, on the first disk of the soundtrack, doing a cover of Lorraine Ellison’s “Stay With Me Baby”. It also features The Who (the same people from which the CSI theme songs came), The Kinks, The Turtles, David Bowie, The Supremes, The Easybeats, Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens, The Moody Blues, Dusty Springfield and Lorraine Ellison. And that’s not all of them.

It’s a two disk soundtrack with 18 songs on each and a killer selection.

The movie itself is about Radio Rock, a pirate radio station in the middle pf the ocean, and the lives of those aboard. Set in the 60’s; starring the strangely attractive Bill Nighy (Pirates Of The Caribbean, as Davy Jones and Love Actually) as Quinton, Phillip Seymore Hoffman (Doubt) as ‘The Count’, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) as ‘Doctor’ Dave, Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) as the racy Gavin, Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) as Angus, and Tom Sturridge (Vanity Fair) as Carl are just some of the crew members aboard Radio Rock; and made by the creators of Love Actually (some of the cast of LA making cameo appearances in The Boat that Rocked, like Emma Thomson).

The Boat that Rocked is a great movie (and soundtrack) about sex, drugs and Rock and Roll and living life to the fullest!

Kate(Age 15)
(Community Service Student at Cranbourne Library.)

World Shaker

Teenage Col lives a cocooned and pampered existence aboard the juggernaut 'World Shaker', a huge ship that has been sailing since 1845. He is part of an elite set who live on the top decks on the ship, and will one day become Supreme Commander.

Col knows and understands little about the 'Filthies' who are slaves and live on the lower decks. One night, however, he discovers a female Filthy hiding underneath his bed. Everything he has been taught is turned on its head as he listens to Riff, the slave girl. How can he continue to live his pampered existence with this new knowledge?

You won't be able to put down this terrific new novel (described as a 'steam punk fantasy!') by Richard Harland.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A New Kind of Dreaming by Anthony Eaton

Honestly, A New Kind of Dreaming is not really a book I would look at and pick up myself, I read this as one of my school assignments, but once read it, I found it worthwhile.

Ok, so first off there’s Jamie, your typical trouble maker that can’t swallow his pride. His mother and father are out of the picture, due to the fact that his mother died when he was very young and his father has a full time job as a drunk and so for a while it was just Jamie and his older brother, Eddie. Then Eddie gets locked up and Jamie is sent to Port Barren, an isolated desert area. During his stay he meets Cameron and also the town’s top cop, Butcher. The town has a lot of buried secrets that Butcher would like to have stayed buried, so when Jamie starts nosing around, Butcher has no other choice but to take care of the problem. Right?
The author’s use of detail really captures your attention and it makes it hard to put the book down. From the very start you get an inside look at Jamie’s life leading up to the present day. Along with a look at how alcohol abuse is brought on, the book explores the trouble with not speaking up due to feeling overpowered and isolated, the ways refugees are transported, and the effects of unregulated power. Rated 3 ½ out of 5, I found it an intriguing read.

Thanks for reading, Meagan.

- Meagan is doing work experience at Hampton Park Library this week. Thanks for that review Meagan!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Veronica Mars - DVD rated M. Seasons 1, 2, & 3.

Move over Nancy Drew here comes Veronica Mars.
Set in the town of Neptune at the local high school, Veronica is a nosey, no-holds-barred, but likeable teenage super-sleuth. It does help that her Dad was previously the town sherriff and now has a P.I. business.

This American TV series has all the drama, scandal and 'hotties' of a decent American soap.

Another great DVD feast (6 disks per season) or if you are laid up with the flu.

julie @ pakenham library.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Great New Titles!

Last week I attended a conference called 'Reading Matters' and listened to some terrific young adult authors. I would like to tell you about some of these authors and their novels.

John Green is a lively and humourous author from USA. I loved his second novel, 'An Abundance of Katherines', a zany story about a teenager called Colin who has dated 19 girls named Katherine.

His latest novel, 'Paper Towns' is also a winner, in which Quentin and his next door neighbour Margo set off on a crazy night of adventure, filled with dead fish, blue spray paint, blackmail and breaking into Sea World.

If you are fantasy lovers or would like to try some fantasy authors, Alison Goodman and Isobelle Carmody may be right up your alley. Alison has written 'Two Pearls of Wisdom' and Isobelle the 'Obernewtyn Chronicles', beginning when she was 14 years of age.

If you haven't read any of Chris Wheat's books I think you should! Chris is a Melbourne writer who has written the outstanding 'Loose Lips', followed (many years later!) by 'Screw Loose'. Both novels are hilarious. One-liners include 'I can catch tennis balls in my mouth', 'She's cute in a bunny wabbit on speed kind of a way', and 'I do own an elephant'.

Amongst the many outstanding teenage books I've read recently I can also recommend 'Boofheads' by Mo Johnson. I loved the fake vomiting scene - when in a tight corner, pretend to vomit...then run.

For a gritty read by a debut local novelist you may like to try Broken Glass by Adrian Stirling, set amongst the wheat crops and mallee scrub of a farming community. I couldn't put this book down either!

From the conference my 'to read' list includes 'A brief history of Montmaray' by Michelle Cooper, 'Octavian Nothing' by M. T. Anderson, 'Angel Cake' by Cathy Cassidy, and 'Genesis' by Bernard Beckett.

Happy winter reading!


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Battle of the Bands

Bands Wanted!
Are you part of a Band?
Do you live, go to school or hang out in the Cardinia Shire?
Are you aged between 14 and 21 years of age?
Are you looking for the opportunity to win huge prizes and increase your fan base?

The winners of Push Start have the chance to play at the regional finals, where
the chosen winner will then go on to compete at ‘Push Over’ festival in 2010.
For more information regarding the 2009 Push Start Battle of the Bands
contact Cardinia Council’s Youth Services on 1300 787 624.
Application forms can be downloaded from
The battle will be held on Friday 7 August 2009.
Send your application, demo and bio to Youth Services, Battle of the Bands,
PO Box 7, Pakenham, 3810. Applications close Friday 19 June.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Moon Official Trailer

Twilight fans check out the exclusive New Moon trailer and let us know what you think! I'm already super psyched about it! Although I do have one qualm and that is I expected the wolves to be larger and scarier, but overall I'm pretty impressed.

Oh and a warning about the video: after watching the trailer some of you might be converted to Team Jacob, like some of my friends.

Go Team Edward!


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