Monday, 18 May 2009

How to ditch your fairy

'How to ditch your fairy' by Justine Larbalestier is a witty and magical novel that I can highly recommend to teenage readers.

The setting is New Avalon, where nearly everyone has a personal (and invisible) fairy.

Fourteen year old Charlie, however, is not satisfied with her annoying parking fairy. Charlie is constantly pestered by those around her to travel with them purely so they can find a parking spot. She longs for a more desireable fairy, such as a boy-attracting fairy for instance.

Charlie attends New Avalon Sports High; a bizarre school for elite sportsmen and women.

Demerits are awarded at the drop of a hat for seemingly nonsensical misdemeanours, and Charlie racks up an alarming number which she has to work off by completing public service at the local cemetery.

A humourous type of slang exists in new Avalon that adds to the cleverness of the dialogue. For instance, the book begins with Charlie discussing her 'spoffs'. To find out what she's talking about you'll have to read the book!


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