Sunday, 22 March 2009

Update Your Wardrobe!

Want to update your wardrobe but can't afford to? Well you can customise your old clothes using 101 ways to customise your clothes by Petra Boase, and fix torn clothes with the help of Hand Mending Made Easy: save time and money repairing your own clothes by Nan Ides.

Hand Mending Made Easy is really useful and full of heaps of handy, quick and easy tips on how to fix any item of clothing; from fixing broken zippers and loose threads in a cardigan, to altering your pants, which is what I've done. I know the original jeans look darker, but they're actually both the same colour - it's just my photography skills aren't so great.

101 Ways to Customise Your Clothes is also full of many easy-to-do ideas and it allows you to update your wardrobe without having to spend money on new clothes. I know I have a heap of clothes in my closet that I haven't worn but I've begun wearing some of them now after making them more interesting, like the top on the right.

So you might not be able to see it clearly, but my jeans had a rip in them right below my left knee (bottom left). Instead of throwing my jeans out I decided to cover the rip by shortening my jeans and making it into 3/4 pants (bottom right). It's actually pretty easy as the book explains it clearly in easy step-by-step instructions. But it does take a bit of time depending on how crafty you are! And guys, you can do this too! (Or maybe you can get your sister to, if you ask really nicely!).

So if you'd like to know how to convert your old jeans into funky new shorts just click above on the title to see which library it's available at, or you can request it in to pick up! I highly recommend both these books, especially if you like getting crafty with your clothes!

Release your inner fashion designer!



I am not a Librarian said...

That's great Rafah, and very timely too! Good stuff :o)

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!

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