Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tomorrow all will be beautiful

Tomorrow all will be beautiful, a collection of short stories and poetry by Brigid Lowry is the perfect thing to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Semi-autobiographical in nature, the characters in this books don't always choose conventional paths in life.

Like the ordinary looking housewife who attends a literature class and wonders about the handsome boy in her class.

Or the imaginative Curriculum Vitae...Before that I worked in a bookshop/Before that I was a hippie with a baby on my back/Before that I ran a flea circus.

Or middle-aged Malcolm who drives a rusty Gemini but enjoys the thrill of lane-hops and the quick move in his life.

Subtle illustrations work well alongside the text.

After reading this collection maybe you'll be inspired to put pen to paper and write a story or poem yourself...


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