Monday, 16 March 2009

One for the Girls!

Yesterday morning I watched "Sunday Sunrise" and saw an interview with Lauren Luke who is a YouTube phenonema. She gives makeup tutorials inspired by actresses and singers. The clip below shows a Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love eyemakeup tutorial. It features step by step instructions on how to get the look. Lauren is just a "normal" looking girl - cute, warm and funny. I hope you enjoy the clip. You can check out Lauren on
or her website


Anonymous said...

Wow, she's pretty good!
I might go look up some of her other make overs on youtube.
Thanks Cenza!


Anonymous said...

She is awesome at doing make up but how come we're only hearing about her now???

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

Thanks for your comment Tessa! Lauren started selling makeup on eBay to make a living, but people started asking her advise on how to use the makeup. She then started putting clips on YouTube. A US tv show then did an interview with her because she was so popular on YouTube. This has now snowballed and she has been interviewed on lots of TV shows and is about to launch her own makeup line. Pretty amazing!

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