Friday, 13 March 2009

The Fire Thief

The Fire Thief by Terry Deary

This book is the opposite of the front cover. It looks serious and engaging, but it is just one big joke. It has no back bone, no solidity and I dislike it greatly, which is a shame, because I like almost everything when it comes to books. It is still worth a read although, as my opinion is so harsh on it because of my personality. Some people may find it to be worth reading.
Enough about the front cover, and onto the story, it starts in Olympus, the Land of Greek Gods. Prometheus (he is being punished for giving fire to humans) has escaped his punishment of being chained to a rock and having his liver torn out every day, only to be grown back. He managed to escape, but not before Zeus caught him. Zeus then sent him one million years in the future to 1885 to find a human hero, in a mean world with thieves and pollution everywhere, a place where his problems multiply quickly.

age: 15 years
This book is similar: Discworld series.

Thanks Jake...Books are like that aren't they...we can love them or hate them! Now to all you Quicksanders..let us know if you have read The Fire Thief and liked it. Just click on the comment key and let us know. Cen


Anonymous said...

Hmm well it definitely looks and sounds interesting. I might have to give this book and try and see if it's as bad!

Thanks for the review!


Anonymous said...

Good on you Jake. Keep the reviews coming in. Sometimes a book is not what it seems, but it makes us appreciate the ones we really love.


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