Monday, 9 February 2009

The Best Case Scenario

The Best Case Scenario Handbook
by John Tierney
Howdy Quicksanders! I'm finally posting on Quicksand, so I'm sure all the staff at the Hampton Park branch will be glad that I've succumbed at long last! As this is my first post on here I ask you all to be very gentle with me as I am a newbie!
I came across "The Best Case Scenario Handbook" (inspired by the Worst-Case Scenario books) by John Tierney several days ago when I saw my brother pretty much rolling around on his bed in laughter while reading it. Usually I wouldn't read this type of book, but after reading the blurb my interest was definitely piqued.
This parody gives you step-by-step instructions (and diagrams) on "how to cope with amazing good fortune" and "how to milk every situation for all it's worth", which ranges from "How to survive on a desert island with Jennifer Lopez" (or Russell Crowe) to "How to cope when an angry God announces He will destroy the sinful world with a great flood- and you own the only Ark". Some of my favorite scenarios would have to be "How to cope with a broken ATM that will not stop dispensing cash", and "How to proceed when you discover which car's alarm keeps going off in the middle of the night"
This book will keep you LOLing page after page. It is definitely worth the hour or so it takes to read! Plus it gives you hope for the future (personally I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the ATM scenario!).
Enjoy. Hopefully some of these scenario's will come your way and John Tierney's advice will come in handy.

name: Siobhan
age: 17


Chocoholic said...

Hey Siobhan! Great review (see wasn't so bad)! Sounds like a funny read, I think I'll put that one on hold! Thanks!

Siony said...

Yeah, I thought it'd be much worse than it was!
Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Well done Siobhan.

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