Monday, 12 January 2009

JINX by Meg Cabot

For those of you waiting around for Twilight to become available, here's one light-hearted book that you can enjoy in the meantime!

Okay, so there are no vampires and no Edward or Bella, but hear me out.

Meet Jinx. Her real name is Jean Honeychurch but she suffers from a serious case of bad luck. Hence her name. She is the goody-goody daughter of a Reverend and her family has sent her off to live with relatives in the New York.

In New York, Jinx must adjust to city life, a new school, new friends, new enemies. On her first night, Jinx discovers that her cousin, Tory, has dramatically changed, and not in a good way. Meanwhile Tory is convinced that Jinx is like her; a witch. But when Tory offers her the opportunity to join her coven, Jinx refuses as she already knows the penalty of messing around with magic.

Things turn wild as Tory's growing dislike for Jinx becomes much more sinister (especially after the gorgeous Zack befriends Jinx) but Jinx must learn to accept herself and her bad luck to stop Tory and her black magic.

Although you can sort of guess what's going to happen along the way, it's still a very enjoyable journey.

Hope you guys agree!



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