Friday, 16 January 2009

Goodbye Jamie Boyd

Hi all! Nick's back on the blog! Hoping all your Christmases and New Years were fun and relaxing :P

The blog topic today is a new book from Melbourne's own Elizabeth Fensham, entitled 'Goodbye Jamie Boyd'.
This book is very small on the outside (I read it in an hour), but the inside is filled with so much to think about.
Firstly the book is written in verse:
It doesn't rhyme,
But poems dont,
Have to.
Am I right?!

The story is about a girl called Anna who lives in country Victoria with her family. Her relationship with her older brother and best friend, Jamie Boyd, is what forms this compelling story. It's rocky and complex, and the twist that comes half way through the story had my jaw on the ground. They do everything together and she becomes isolated from the rest of her family and school friends because of his influence.

I won't say more, except that this book left me looking at life differently, from issues of peer pressure, to drug use, to mental health. You HAVE to read this book. It's short, it won't take long, and I guarantee that you'll have your eyes opened by Fensham.

5 stars!!

Catch you on the flipside!


Anonymous said...

I am oh so curious.. Nicko. LOCK IT IN (for me) - (on hold) (please) -and if it takes me more than an hour, do I get it for free? (Mickey D's style). Great review/verse.

Anonymous said...

Why thank you :]
I shall indeed hold it for you :]

Or should it be Nico?

Chocoholic said...

Thanks Nick (or Nicko, or Nico)!
I just finished reading Goodbye Jamie Boyd and I really loved it! My jaw just dropped half-way through. I'm a big fan of verse books, they've always got some shock factor, which i love.
It was a beautiful read, i got a little teary at the end....

Anonymous said...

What a great review Nick- I have now reserved that book, you have me intrigued.

Bec said...

Fantastic review Nick, ordered it straight away! Only got round to reading it this morning but man was it worth it. Keep up the good work. :]

Anonymous said...

guess what!!! elizabeth fensham, the author, is my teacher!! i am so blessed to have her teaching me. i also know the charactor "anna", cool hey!!!

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