Sunday, 21 December 2008

Your Enter Score Is Not The End

So Year 12 is finally over and you've finally got your Enter Score. You're either very happy with what you got or, like many others, you might be disappointed and upset.

Now you've got until 12pm on Monday 22nd December to change your preferences if you wish to.

I'm no expert, but Going to Uni is really helpful and has a list of alternative ways of getting into the uni course you want. Here are just a few:

  • Wait to see if you're offered a place in the following second or third round offers
  • Change your preferences - if you've missed out on the course you want then try applying for a similar course Eg. If you didn't get into Medicine, you could apply for Biomedical Science.
  • Apply to a regional institution - they tend to have lower enter scores compared to city institutions
  • Look into TAFE courses and see if there's a similar course to what you want, you can apply for a transfer into a university course, if possible.
I know I was very disappointed when I'd just missed out on a place for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science. My enter score was just below the clearly-in mark. But I got an offer for an Arts degree and decided to take it but I still wanted to do an Arts/Science degree. So I took a science subject to make sure I'd still meet the prerequisite and then I applied for a transfer the following year and got into the course I wanted. This is only one example of how you can get into the course you want.

Here's a list of other helpful websites:

For general information on what to now that you've finished school visit

For more information about uni courses and other ways of getting into uni go to

For information about going to TAFE visit

Just remember, whatever enter score you got, it is not the end of the world (although it might feel like it)!

Best of luck!


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