Monday, 8 December 2008

Trek Against Trafficking - Bec's Report

WELL, I'm back from Trek everybody and man, was it amazing! It all began back last Sunday week and went through til Thursday night. It was officially launched by the one and only Tim Costello who gave an inspiring speech with a analogy of us, youths, being the wind and the politicians following wherever it blows hardest. We then had some workshops, first with Susu, an international reknowned expert on trafficking in order to determine what trafficking really is. Basically, the transport of people for manual labour through exploitative means. It's a bit more complicated but that's the simplified version. A guy from Fairtrade Labelling Ltd then came to speak about the Fairtrade label and gave us a bit of info on that. We then went LOBBYING round Canberra. Some people visited federal MPs whilst others visited local Canberra cafes urging them to turn fairtrade. Wednesday was our big day, protests on Parliament lawn. It was extremely organised and soon to be on Youtube apparently. We dressed as slaves, had the Cadbury gorilla playing drums and caused a big commotion for a good cause.

Overall, it was fantastic and we learnt ways to campaign in our local areas. We can:
- Visit and write to MPs, urging them to support the campaign -Lobby local cafes to become fairtrade -Ring supermarkets such as Coles and Safeways urging for more fairtrade stocking. We have heard that if they get enough calls it will happen.
-Create a Vision Group (basically a group of people who work together to combat this issue on a grassroots scale; can be through school, uni, church etc

There's a Stir session being run by VGEN (youth movement of World Vision) on December 10th from 6-8.30 at CrossCulture Church of Christ (cnr of Lonsdale and Swanston St). December 10th s the International Day for Human Rights and basically is an update on the campaign, stories of success, a celebration of acheivements and some vocal genius from Tim Costello, Chris Varney and Amy Shand. Come along. FACEBOOK TOO, there's a VGEN facebook you can join.

Right, I'm seriously off now. There's a great 'Bubbles for nothing' video on Youtube that would greatly compliment this piece (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Cenza)

Hey hey ho ho slavery has got to go,

Thanks Bec for sharing your experience with us. Quicksand is all about News, reviews and stuff of interest to teens. So teens who believe in social justice and making a difference in our world is great. Sorry but I used a different Youtube clip. Check out Bec's suggestion "Bubbles for Nothing" on



Chocoholic said...

Hey Bec, that's great to hear. Just wondering if you knew whether the Confectionery Manufacturer's of Australasia ended up meeting the deadline for 1st December?

Bec said...

No they didn't. No surprises there really. Their press release was basically going on about how they are doing things, without actually providing evidence of it, which of course they aren't. Or rather aren't doing anything productive. I don't know if another deadline has been set but I went to the launch of another phase of the campaign called 'Not In Our Neighbourhood' which is calling on the government to sign the necessary treaties to end trafficking (particularly sex trafficking) in the Asia region. We had the minister for Treaties come along and speak and he was saying that basically if we push hard enough they have to listen to us. So, VGen is planning heaps of things for next year.

Bec said...

We also had an interview with the Berwick Journal last week and are on the front page of this weeks edition (week starting 15th Dec). Check it out...!

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