Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Different Perspective

Hi guys,
Hope you've been enjoying the posts here on Quicksand!

I'm reviewing a book that I stumbled upon during a recent reading frenzy I had, and the book is called Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. It's a book that shows a different perspective to high school life, which makes it very interesting!

The story is told by Russell Middlebrook, a 16 year old guy who is gay, but in the closet. He introduces himself, and explains about the social structure of the students at his school and where everyone fits. He figures he must be the only gay teenager at his school. But then suddenly he begins to realise he isn't, when he meets up with someone anonymously over the net and it turns out to be the school baseball jock. Then when he comes out to his best friend Min, she in turn comes out to him!
They decide to form a club to discuss their feelings and to give each other support. To keep themselves a secret they name themselves the geography club, and more students join. They face difficulties both within their new group, as not everyone gets along, and also within the school population, as they try to remain a secret.

Brent Hartinger accurately shows the different social status levels that exist within schools and the way in which high school students interact and behave.
It is definitely worth a read; for the humour, the emotion and the insight it provides.
I really enjoyed the book and almost didn't want it to end, to bad there's no sequel!



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