Friday, 7 November 2008


Finally-a sequel to Chris Wheat's 'Loose Lips'. In Screw Loose, all the usual characters are back. There's Chelsea Dean, described by one of her male friends as 'cute in a bunny wabbit on speed kind of way.' Then there is compulsive cleaner Zeynep, who witnesses an unfortunate throwing incident involving her macho football playing boyfriend, her father, and a baklava. And there's Craig, whose father (to Chelsea's horror) starts dating Chelsea's mother. Where will it all end? Zany and hilarious novel by Melbourne author, Chris Wheat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ann, I didn't know he had a sequel to 'Loose Lips' - one of my favourite books. I must grab myself a copy of his new book for my holidays.
julie@pakenham :)

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