Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Enter a Living Hell...

Last week Catherine Jinks took me on an adventure through space in her latest novel, 'Living Hell'. I picked this book up and immediately was engrossed. Living Hell is the story of the remaining humans, who inhabit a space station of sorts, the 'ark ship' called Plexus.

The story is told by Cheney, a 16 year old who lives on Plexus with his family and friends. Life on Plexus is regulated and structured, down to food dispensers and laundry carts. However, life is thrown into Chaos when the Plexus approaches a radiation field, which cannot be avoided. The entire ship braces for impact, and everyone is surprised when it appears nothing has happened: no impact or damage, no injuries.

But that's when things start to get scary. The walls start to resemble plant membranes. The floor turns soft, and spongy.
No one knows what's happening. And the worst is yet to come...
The humans realise they are under attack from their own home!!

It really is an action packed read, filled with emotion and humour.
One of my favourite books this year!

Back soon...


Anonymous said...

maybe you could do a dramatic reading of it to a group of us. that would be fun .

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