Thursday, 27 November 2008

Movies Galore!

Hey everyone, hope you all did well on your exams, and congratulations to everyone who's finally finished VCE! I've recently finished my uni exams and have been enjoying my holidays, and I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays too!

Anyway, a lot of my friends are going away for the summer, but if you're stuck at home like me then don't worry, there's plenty of great DVDs at the library to keep you entertained Here's just a few I found:

High School Musical 2

There's only a week left till High School Musical 3 comes out and if you haven't caught up with the hype, then now's your chance!

We've got copies of both High School Musical and High School Musical 2. Even if you have watched them, you might want to watch them again before catching the new movie!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Feeling like an action-packed adventure movie? Then Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will not disappoint.

The movie is set in the Cold War in the year 1957 and Indiana finds himself on a mission, in a race against the Soviets, with the rebellious Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) to find the Crystal Skull of Akator, claimed to have unlimited power.

Shia LaBeouf is awesome in this, and it's good to see the old Indiana Jones funny ways haven't changed.

Full Metal Panic!

I gotta confess I'm not a huge anime fan, but Full Metal Panic! is pretty good. It's about a military agent, Sergeant Sousuke Sargara, who has to go undercover to protect the young and beautiful high school girl, Kaname Chidori, believed to be one of the "Whispered," who are people that have the knowledge and power to create deadly weapons.

I've only watched mission one so far, but the Japanese series looks promising. It's got a combination of action, comedy and romance. It's very funny watching Milo fail miserably at trying to blend in as a high school student.

27 Dresses

This is a great romantic comedy about a girl who's living her life for other people, where she is "always the bridesmaid, never the bride."

The story revolves around a hopeless romantic, Jane Nichols (played by Katherine Heigl), who's secretly in love with her boss. But Jane's life suddenly takes a dramatic turn when her boss falls in love with Jane's younger sister! And to make Jane's life even crazier is the cynical, but handsome, Kevin Doyle (James Marsden) who continually hassles Jane and forces her to reassess her life and what she wants.

This romantic comedy is great for a girls' night in.

There's also plenty of more DVDs to choose from, you can either type in DVD in the online catalogue or just type in the title of the movie you want if you have a particular movie in mind,

Monday, 24 November 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas

Here's another upcoming event from our friends at Cardinia.


Held on Friday 12 December, 6.30pm–11pm, at the Pakenham Hall,
corner of John and Henry streets, Pakenham (Mel Ref E8).

City Escape
Ashley's Affair
Decembers Fallen
Summer of Betrayal
Living Nightmare

$5 with pass or flyer
$10 without pass or flyer

prizes to be won

For more information or discount pass contact
Youth Services on 1300 787 624 or email

For young people aged 13 years and over. A fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free
event. No pass outs. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry. People affected by drugs
or alcohol will not be permitted on the premises.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Enter a Living Hell...

Last week Catherine Jinks took me on an adventure through space in her latest novel, 'Living Hell'. I picked this book up and immediately was engrossed. Living Hell is the story of the remaining humans, who inhabit a space station of sorts, the 'ark ship' called Plexus.

The story is told by Cheney, a 16 year old who lives on Plexus with his family and friends. Life on Plexus is regulated and structured, down to food dispensers and laundry carts. However, life is thrown into Chaos when the Plexus approaches a radiation field, which cannot be avoided. The entire ship braces for impact, and everyone is surprised when it appears nothing has happened: no impact or damage, no injuries.

But that's when things start to get scary. The walls start to resemble plant membranes. The floor turns soft, and spongy.
No one knows what's happening. And the worst is yet to come...
The humans realise they are under attack from their own home!!

It really is an action packed read, filled with emotion and humour.
One of my favourite books this year!

Back soon...

Monday, 17 November 2008

Don't Trade Lives

Hey all,

As a part of World Vision's 'Don't Trade Lives' campaign, I will be going to Canberra with 149 other young Australians as a part of Vision Generation's 'Trek Against Trafficking'. This trip is mainly about learning strategies to campaign in our own communities and raise awareness of the serious issue that human trafficking is. SO, I thought what better way to raise awareness then to do a little spiel on here for you all. I would put some pictures in but I don't know how, anyone care to enlighten me? And I'm not sure if a 'review' is the right place to put this in or what...I'm not tech savvy.

Anyway, most of you probably haven't heard of the 'Don't Trade Lives' campaign and what it's all about. Basically, World Vision is campaigning against human (particularly child) trafficking and exploitation in the a number of industries (cocoa is first and now, then it'll be the sex trade and the fashion industry.
Now, trafficking in the cocoa industry, I hear you say with possible doubt and scepticism. I admit I didn't know much about it myself til recently however it has been a prominent issue. 70% of the worlds cocoa (used in both chocolate and coffee) comes from West Africa, primarily Ghana and the Ivory Coast. This industry enslaves over 200,000 young children, often trafficked and sold by their parents so they can afford to eat. They work in ridiculously poor conditions; they're exposed to hazardous chemicals, work up to 100 hours a week, use machetes and receive little or no pay.

But what can we do? I hear you scream in anguish. We can, as consumers, hold the chocolate manufacturers accountable. This is what the 'Trek Against Trafficking' is all about. We (the 150 people) will travel to Canberra at the end of November taking with us 15000 petitioned postcards (we each have 100 to get signed) that call on the CMA (Chocolate Manufacturers of Australia) to create and commit to a plan to combat this slavery and make their chocolate fair trade. It's called the December 1 deadline.

Many people argue this will raise the price of chocolate as it will cost the CMA. However, in reality it would only cost <1%.>

and sign the petition. Rally your friends and family; raising awareness is the first step. Buy fair trade chocolate if you can (I must admit Lindt is hard to resist though). And sign the postcard if you are asked to.

Thanks for listening,
Bec (Age 17)

Thanks Bec...quite a coincidence that my cousin works at World Vision and has worked on this campaign. Thanks for spreading the message. I've added the video for you. Keep contributing to Quicksand and leave the tech savvy to me!

Friday, 7 November 2008


Finally-a sequel to Chris Wheat's 'Loose Lips'. In Screw Loose, all the usual characters are back. There's Chelsea Dean, described by one of her male friends as 'cute in a bunny wabbit on speed kind of way.' Then there is compulsive cleaner Zeynep, who witnesses an unfortunate throwing incident involving her macho football playing boyfriend, her father, and a baklava. And there's Craig, whose father (to Chelsea's horror) starts dating Chelsea's mother. Where will it all end? Zany and hilarious novel by Melbourne author, Chris Wheat.


For lovers of cartooning, anime, wrestling and sci fi, last weekend was the annual Armageddon multi media expo. An interesting combination? Well imagine standing waiting for an autograph from David Hewlett from Stargate Atlantis, to see people dressed as anime characters or Star Wars Storm Troopers. I listened to a panel with the cartoonists from Wildstorm talking about their work and their inspirations. The famous Jim Lee had a huge autograph queue of fans wanting a signature on his works like All Star Batman and Robin, X Men, and Fantastic Four. The constant thumping heard in the background was a wrestler, like the Sandman, hitting the mat!

Highlights for my daughters and I were meeting the "guys" from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis: David Hewlett, Gary Jones, Ande Frizzell and Kavan Smith, the wonderful Doug Jones (Hellboy, Hocus Pocus, Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four, and Pan's Labyrinth), and for my blast from the past Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), and William Katt (The Greatest American Hero). If you don't know who they are ask your parents!! We had autographs and photos taken with the celebrities, and sat in on "panels" or talks where these guys talked about their acting experiences! Doug Jones even recited a scene from Hocus Pocus for my 10 year old daughter. Remember Billy Butcherson's first words "Witch! Trollop! You buck toothed, mop riding, firefly from hell!"

For lovers of anime the guests included Crispin Freeman, who provided voices for Hellsing and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya, Johnny Bosch whose work includes Ichigo in Bleach and he is also in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya. Dave Wittenberg from Naruto, and Please Teacher. Grey Delisle provided voices in Scooby Doo, Clone Wars, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy to name a few.

So when you add Cosplay competitions and ice cream eating competitions you really have something for everyone! I'm looking forward to next year!

Cen (yeh! yeh! I know! I'm a nerd!)

Monday, 3 November 2008

And He's the Good Guy!


I found out about the Skulduggery Pleasant series from Jake, a teenage borrower at Pakenham who wanted to order the second book. I get alot of people recommending books but after I saw the cover (yes, I do judge a book by its cover) and read the blurb, I had to read it.

Stephanie's uncle wrote horror fiction - at least that's what she thought until he died and left her his estate. And from then on she is plunged into a terrifying world full of vampires, Hollow Men and magic. With the help from the remarkable Skulduggery Pleasant - a wise-cracking detective and powerful magician they wage war against evil and try to solve her uncle's muder.

It's easy to read, laced with intrigue, great characters and a fascinating story.
I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series - Playing with Fire.

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