Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dirt Action Review!

Dirt Action is a truly wonderful magazine. The team, headed by Scott Bishop and Stephen Tuff provide the readers with a comical but honest review of motorbikes, parts and accessories. the team also manages to squeeze in updates on recent events and reviews of some of the biggest motorbike meetings in Australia.

Personally I believe Dirt Action to be one of the most informative dirt bike magazines around today. I really like their tech tips because they help me overcome things that are troubling my motorbike. I enjoy coming to the library on my holidays to borrow a stack of their Dirt Action magazines which I will often read more than once.

Well there you have it, a short but sharp review of the magazine Dirt Action. I hope all you dirt bike fans out there pick up one of their magazines... if you can read, but if not still pick one up because it is an awesome picture book with great action photo's and some awesome bikes.

Reviewed By:
Jac Sibrava.
16 and counting...


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