Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Meet Julie @ Pakenham Library

Hi, my name is Julie and I work at the Pakenham Library. I'm a single mum with 2 teenagers in high school so our house is always buzzing with people. I've worked for the library for ages and in that time I have mainly worked with children who come to storytime, class visits, book clubs and holiday programs.

The hardest question that I have been asked as a librarian is "Who is your favourite author or favourite book?" I read heaps of stuff - both kids, teens and adult books and it all depends what I have just read! With that said I am partial to a good murder/mystery, most titles by Sonya Hartnett and anything illustrated by Bruce Whatley or Craig Smith.

I love my peace and quiet so it's great when my kids go to their mates and I'm left at home with my two pug dogs to read, garden and watch DVD's alone.


Anonymous said...

You have two Pugs?
How cute :P
What are they called?

Also what did you think of 'The Ghost's Child'?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Nick they are cute. They are brother and sister called Oscar and Lucinda - not named after the famous book and I didn't name them. We were very lucky and they were given to us. I haven't read Hartnet's latest book yet but will soon. My favorite one by her is 'Thursday's Child' which is a bit off the wall, but that is why I like her work.
:) julie@pakenham

Courtney! said...

Hi Julie!
haha, i used to come to Ripper Reader Club every Thursday in Pakenham and I loved it! I still love reading, dont get as much time while I'm doing VCE, year 12 next year, but I fell in love, literally, with the Twilight Saga. What did you think of it Julie? It was the best book I had read in a long time, and not just because of the gorgeous Edward Cullen. Stephenie Meyer is a miracle worker when it comes to words and beauty :)
Anyway, love Courtney.

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