Monday, 4 August 2008

The COOLEST Website Ever!!

Have any of you guys ever heard of HomeStarRunner? Because if you haven't now is the time to bring yourselves up to speed with the cartoon crew at!

HomeStarRunner has heaps of hilarious cartoons featuring the cartoon crew from Strong Badia. I guarantee that you'll be laughing at their weird, inspired and downright funny antics, and soon enough you'll have some of their trademark quotations stuck in your head!

Keep an eye out especially for Strong Bad's emails, and his 'Teen Girl Squad' cartoon strip. That's right! A cartoon MADE BY A CARTOON CHARACTER!! IT'S CRAZY!

Here's a clip of Teen Girl Squad, hopefully you guys find it funny too, otherwise looks like i'm just a weirdo!




I am not a Librarian said...

Good Grief - that YouTube cartoon download has got the most annoying music background, it's like being stuck in the pokies hall of horror! :op Dunno about the 'coolest website ever', but goodonya for going there :o) Quicksand is NEVER dullsville.

Anonymous said...


I find it ridiculously funny, but I guess that says more about my sense of humour than anything else Deb!
And yes, that background music is LOL worthy...

Thanks Deb!

Anonymous said...

I think you're just weird!!! And I agree, that background music is really annoying. Still love you but d(^_^)b Claire and Julie.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe thanks Claire and Julie!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Claire and Julie!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Claire and Julie

Anonymous said...


3 spring rolls...
"OW! My stomach lining!"

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