Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Introducing the Quicksand Team. Although we post reviews and information from other people these 5 people make up the Quicksand Team. I'll introduce them to you, from left to right. I'm Cen, you've seen me before in a previous post next to my friend The Cat in The Hat. I am based at our HQ at Cranbourne. Julie works at our Pakenham Library. Ann is from our Narre Warren Library. Nick works at Hampton Park, but you also may see him working at any of our Branches. Rafah also works at Hampton Park and at other Branches. Over the next few weeks we'll tell you a bit more about ourselves, our jobs, our interests and about some of our favourite things!

I also have to mention an extra two people, who although aren't in our group photo have worked incredibly hard to develop this site. They are part of our Information team. I don't have their photos so I'll introduce their avatars to you.

Linda and Michelle have been very enthusiastic in setting up Quicksand and are hoping to set up our own Myspace site for Young Adults as well. So watch this space for more exciting news!



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