Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

When I saw the previews for this movie, I thought it looked alright. I liked the Harry Potter movies and didn’t mind Narnia, so I figured I’d give it a go. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a really wicked movie! The movie is actually based on a set of five books (hence, the title chronicles…). But the movie producers decided rather than drag it out in five short movies why not just make one? It’s got all you could ask for in a movie: family dramas, action, adventure, funny lines, strange but awesome characters and some scenes had me jumping out of my seat (watch out for the tunnel)!

So the story is Helen Grace moves into this creepy old house that belonged to her great uncle for a “fresh” start with her children, Mallory, Jared and Simon. She just separated from their father, Richard, and it’s not going down well with Jared (let the fights begin). So while “exploring” the house Jared discovers this secret room and finds this book written by Arthur Spiderwick. It’s a field guide on magical creatures and where to find them, and when he tries to tell his brother and sister they think he’s lying to them. Then all these weird things start to happen, strange disappearances and odd accidents. And because the family can’t explain the things that are happening, they blame Jared. What they don’t know is that a powerful Ogre called Mulgarath is after the book and he will stop at nothing to get it!

There's a great site with clips of the movie, games and downloads. Just follow the link below...
Why not read the books by Holly Black and Tony Di Terlizzi
Book 4: The Ironwood Tree
Or checkout the link below for the official book site.

Tara @ Eme


I am not a Librarian said...

Hey Quicksanders - these last three entries are awesome!! And great work Tara, that's a fabo review.
Can't wait to see what pops up next :)

Lisa Hill said...

Congratulations on your funky Web 2.0 teen page:)
Lisa Hill, Mossgiel Park PS.

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