Thursday, 8 May 2008

Is there anybody out there????

Welcome to Quicksand - the CCLC blog for Young Adults aimed at 13-17 years. Quicksand has reviews, news and other stuff, including music, images, polls and more, aimed at Young Adults. So read, watch, comment. We love comments. For updates remember to put Quicksand into your RSS feed reader.

Have you read a good book, seen a great movie, or played a great game then send us your book/music/movie/magazine/website/game or other review and we will publish it on our Teen Blog. Just follow the link from Quicksand (at left) and enter your review.

Remember to read back at some of our past posts. There's references to, music CD's, Heroes and the reason why we called this blog Quicksand!

In the next few weeks we will introduce the Quicksand team, maybe include a photo or two.

To start off I've popped in a photo of myself and a friend you may recognize.



Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
This looks absolutely fantastic - you've all done a great job. Just one small point the review bit is to the LEFT of the screen - but hey who's checking! I look forward to adding my reviews and reading others.
:) julie@pakenham.

Casey Cardinia Library Corporation said...

OK OK so it's left.. right? Thanks for commenting Julie! Bring on your contributions!

Anonymous said...

Looking great, can't wait to personalise it a little more with staff pics and contributions from the team :D


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