Thursday, 29 May 2008

Join the Genius Squad!

G'day readers! First post from Nick, here on Quicksand!! What an exciting event!! (for me anyway...) "And for my first act of whimsical wonder.....A BOOK REVIEW!"

I came across 'Genius Squad', by author Catherine Jinks recently, and found it glued to my hands after reading the first page. You may think "whatevs man", but I am a fussy reader. The first thing you should know about this book is that it is the sequel to 'Evil Genius' (I didn't realise this until half way through...). But Jinks writes so that you don't need to have read the first novel to understand what's going on.

Enter a world of online mischief, fraud and cyber crime. The world of Cadel. I can't tell you his last name, because even he is unsure of what it is (and you thought you were twisted...). Believed to be the son of the criminal mastermind Dr. Darkkon, Cadel is a 15 year old genius who breathes cyber-air. He cannot function without a computer. So imagine his despair at having to live in a foster home with two other children who make his very existence a misery. Plus, his access to a computer is controlled by a daily roster...Cadel can't deal.

But then out of the blue, Genius Squad, a group of intellectual teenage hackers present the opportunity of a lifetime...a new home, a laptop, and permission to take down the suspected evil organisation GeNome! How could he resist?

I won't say much more, other than that this is definitely a book worth a look, and I guarantee you that the suspense will keep the pages turning for you! 5 gold stars!! (hahaha)And for those musos out there, why not check out some of the new tunes by Motion City Soundtrack and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, both available to hold at any of our libraries :]

Peace guys, Nick

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Tapestry

The Hound of Rowan'- Book 1 in The Tapestry series by Henry H. Neff.
Young Max McDaniels discovers a mysterious Celtic tapestry which leads him to Rowan Academy for students with exceptional powers. It is here that he learns about strange teachers, fantastic creatures, and his frightening new powers. An intriguing story inspired by the Irish folktale about Cuchulain, the warrior.
A good first novel by Henry Heff and I look forward to the second book in the series 'The Second Seige' due out late 2008.

:) julie@pakenham

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Everyone told me to read the Tomorrow Series by John Marsden and it was only recently that I picked up the first book 'Tomorrow When the War Began'. A friend of mine kept at me "Have you read it yet?" Eventually, I gave in and read the first book and from then on nothing else got done! I LOVED it and quickly followed on with the other seven books in the series.

It's a fantastic story of war, survival, and determination. If you liked 'Hatchet' by Gary Paulsen then do yourself a favour and read 'Tomorrow When the War Began' - you'll be hooked.

Thanks Kerry for being so persistent, and don't forget to read the concluding series 'Ellie Chronicles'
:) julie@pakenham

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


A must see site for all lovers of books is

Insideadog is a program of the Centre for Youth Literature at the State Library Victoria. It's aim is to promote reading to young adults.

They welcome your views, and give opportunities for your input, including reviews, opinion, discussion, competition entries, and feedback.

Insideadog promotes young adult literature, highlighting Australian writers and their work, and includes the best of the international scene. It also features a writer in residence. The current writer in residence is UK author Jenny Valentine.

My favourite link leads to interviews with authors, including Simmone Howell, James Moloney and Melina Marchetta (to name just a few) where they answer questions about their first job, CD's they just purchased, favourite tv show, and their favourite books.

Just a hint, check out their interview with Steven Herrick, author of By the River, and My Life, My Love, My Lasagne. His response to the question Big Brother or Australian Idol? is a hoot!


PS. If you are wondering how insideadog got it's name. It relates to a quote from Groucho Marx, "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read."

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I thought you might like this slideshow that I made on Photobucket.

Photobucket is an Internet site for uploading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos, and graphics. Photobucket also offers free tools for making slideshows of photos, videos with music. You can share your photos and videos with friends by email, IM and mobile phone. Plus, you can browse through an online library to find the latest and best photos, images and videos.
This slideshow is a collection of photos I found on Photobucket featuring celebrities reading! I then made it into a slideshow using one of Photobucket's templates. I thought it was appropriate! Enjoy and comment!


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Is there anybody out there????

Welcome to Quicksand - the CCLC blog for Young Adults aimed at 13-17 years. Quicksand has reviews, news and other stuff, including music, images, polls and more, aimed at Young Adults. So read, watch, comment. We love comments. For updates remember to put Quicksand into your RSS feed reader.

Have you read a good book, seen a great movie, or played a great game then send us your book/music/movie/magazine/website/game or other review and we will publish it on our Teen Blog. Just follow the link from Quicksand (at left) and enter your review.

Remember to read back at some of our past posts. There's references to, music CD's, Heroes and the reason why we called this blog Quicksand!

In the next few weeks we will introduce the Quicksand team, maybe include a photo or two.

To start off I've popped in a photo of myself and a friend you may recognize.


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman

Children are disappearing all over Oxford and when Lyra’s best friend is kidnapped, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon must go on a quest to find out what has happened. While this may seem like the typical fantasy quest, the book rapidly surpasses past that. There are bears, hot air balloons, midnight escapes, witches, gyptians (gypsies) and the all-important Dust.

Northern Lights is the first book in a trilogy by Phillip Pullman-the other titles are The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. If the plot seems familiar, that is because this book has recently been released as a movie under the title, The Golden Compass. But forget the movie, read the book!

Thanks to Rebecca, one of our CCLC staff members, for this review!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Kingdom Hearts


'Kingdom Hearts' is a popular graphic novel series that you may enjoy.

Sora, the main character, lives on Destiny Islands. A supernatural storm separates him from his friends and plunges the world into darkness. Whilst he searches for his friends he meets up with Donald Duck and Goofy, who are also on a quest of their own. They travel together and try to defeat the darkness, meeting a host of characters along the way, including Aladdin, Hercules, Pinocchio and Final Fantasy.

Original and unforgettable stories.

Thanks to Elena, one of our regular teenage customers, for writing this review.

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