Thursday, 24 April 2008

Book of the Year

The 2008 Shortlisted books for the Australian Book Council Children's Book of the Year have been announced. Check out the titles below and vote for your favourite on our poll.

Jackie French
Join Prince Narmer, the handsome talented boy destined to be king, who after an encounter with a crocodile leaves him horribly scared and therefore no longer the “golden one”, as he embarks on a journey of self discovery.
Set in a time before the pyramids and based on real historical events, Pharaoh will sweep readers along on a fascinating journey through a part of the world we hear so much about today.

Sonia Hartnett
Maddy yearns for her life to be mystifying, to be as magical as a fairy story. And then one day, on the beach, she meets the strangest young man she has ever seen. The Ghost's Child is an enchanting fable about the worth of life, and the power of love.

Marty’s Shadow
John Heffernan
Marty's a boy who is troubled by shadows. They won't leave him alone. He needs to find out what they are. It might be something to do with his mother, or something that happened a long time ago. For a while his friend Nariah makes the shadows go away, but not for long. Something is wrong, and it looks like nothing is going to stop those memories coming back.

Love like Water
Meme McDonald
Cathy arrives in Alice Springs from cattle country, looking for a new way to live. But 'new' is a serious challenge for a girl who's used to being measured by her actions, not her feelings. Feelings are slippery, like water. They escape through your hands. Love Like Water is a story of white girl, black boy. It's a story of city and country, self and other, love and friendship. And it's a story of identity, and the many different versions of Australia .

Black Water
David Metzenthen

When Farren Fox's father is missing at sea, all Farren wants is for his brother, Danny, to come home from Gallipoli. But when Danny does return from the war, he is vastly changed. And with the arrival of the mysterious child Souki, the sole survivor of a midnight shipwreck, the lives of both Fox brothers are altered forever. Beautifully written and brilliantly told, Black Water is the epic story of two boys' struggle to make their way in a difficult world.

Leaving Barrumbi
Leonie Norrington

The third novel in the Barrumbi series (The Barrumbi Kids and The Spirit of Barrumbi) by award-winning author Leonie Norrington is a school story about Indigenous and white culture, friendship and families, and growing up.


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